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Korali Vision

The KORALI Handmade brand aims at offering to its customers products of superior aesthetic, unique inspiration and superb quality. Because we believe that quality and affordable prices can exist together and they can be: “Made in Cyprus”. Our desire is to contribute to the «renaissance” of the Cyprus shoe industry and give our customers reasons not only to buy Cypriot products that are comparable to foreign handmade leather brands but also to be proud wearing them.

Behind the brand

KORALI Handmade is a newly introduced brand with solely Cypriot stakeholders which designs and manufactures women leather shoes and sandals. Our products are handcrafted at our privately owned factory situated in the old city of Nicosia by people who have been in the shoe industry since 1960.

✔ Handcrafted shoes

✔ Exclusively Italian and Greek leathers

✔ Adaptable to your needs

What our customers Say ?

Beautiful designs,comfortable fit and great prices! The most important is the fit,anything made out of real leather has the ability to 'hug' your feet and offer comfort and quality!
Emma Markides
Poli kali poiotita anapaftika k e3ipiretisi!
Andria Pavlidou
Υπέροχα παπούτσια!!
Theodora Patsalidou
Quality is great! I highly recommend it!
Markella Pantelidou
Poli kali exipiretisi mravo stis kopeles kanoun exeretiki dulia...kai poli kali anetes i pantoflitses tous!!!
Ahmad Mohammad
Τελεια! Ομορφα! Υπαρχει λεπτομερεια στο παπουτσι και ιδιαιτερα ειναι παρα πολυ ξεκουραστα παπουτσια
Στάλω Ιακώβου
"Phasellus ut felis odio. Fusce hendrerit, ex ac finibus pulvinar, tortor felis egestas turpis, id pellentesque ligula risus vel sem. Nullam ut nunc a magna varius varius."
Ophelia Conner
Nice sandals!!!
Angela Panayiotou

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